MS4W - MapServer for Windows - version 4.0.5 (official demo server hosted by GatewayGeo)

developed by: Developed by Gateway Geomatics


Welcome to MS4W v4.0.5, the MapServer package for Windows, developed by GatewayGeo. MS4W is designed to get you up and running with MapServer with very little configuration.

There are some important notes about MS4W:


Please view your local README file for full documentation about your MS4W package.

Local Test Map

  • mapfile at \ms4w\apps\local-demo\
  • open map viewer in new window
  • Features

    MS4W contains default installations of Apache, PHP, MapServ, MapScript and some sample applications. It is structured in such a way as to allow upgrading individual components without affecting the install. The base installer package comes pre-configured with the following software:


    There are currently 12 MS4W addon packages installed.

    GeoMoose 3.8.0 on MS4W:

    Mapbender 3.3.0 on MS4W:

    MapCache Tile Server on MS4W:

  • local Demo
  • configure steps
  • project home
  • MapServer CGI Viewer


    MapServer OGC Web Services Workshop


    MapServer Tutorial


    Matomo Analytics 4.0.5 on MS4W:

  • Local Analytics
  • *requires local MySQL server installation
  • project home
  • Mapbox Vector Tiles served through MapServer + MS4W:

  • local Demo
  • documentation home
  • OpenLayers 6.4.3 on MS4W

  • MapServer WMS Example
  • All Examples
  • project home
  • pycsw Catalogue Service through MS4W:

  • local catalogue GetCapabilities
  • configure steps
  • project home
  • Tinyows WFS-Transaction Service through MS4W:

  • tinyows.exe
  • local Demo
  • configure steps
  • project home
  • ZOO-Project WPS Services through MS4W:

  • configure steps
  • local OGR Services demo
  • local GetCapabilities
  • DescribeProcess MapServer Service (to generate a WFS service and mapfile)
  • Execute MapServer Service (displays the generated WFS service URL in the response)
  •   the generated mapfile will be created in \ms4w\apps\zoo-project\data\
  • DescribeProcess HelloPHP (PHP Service)
  • Execute HelloPHP (PHP Service)
  • DescribeProcess HelloPy (Python Service)
  • Execute HelloPy (Python Service)
  • DescribeProcess BufferPy (Python Service)
  • Execute BufferPy (Python Service on remote WFS feature: Antarctica)
  • DescribeProcess Buffer (OGR Service)
  • Execute Buffer (OGR Service on remote WFS feature: Antarctica)
  • DescribeProcess Ogr2Ogr, Boundary, Centroid, Contains, ConvexHull, Crosses, Difference, Disjoint, Distance, Equals,
    GetArea, Intersection, Intersects, IsSimple, IsValid, Simplify, SymDifference, Touches, Union, Within (OGR Services)
  • DescribeProcess Gdal_Translate, Gdal_Contour, Gdal_Dem, Gdal_Grid , GdalExtractProfile, Gdal_Warp (GDAL Services)
  • DescribeProcess HelloMono (C# Service)
  • Execute HelloMono (C# Service)
  • DescribeProcess HelloWorldJava (Java Service)
  • Execute HelloWorldJava (Java Service)
  • DescribeProcess GetStatus
  • project home